• Propellers


    With more than 25 years of experience in providing custom propulsion solutions

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  • Sterngear Assembly

    Sterngear Assembly

    Blazer Marine designs and manufactures complete sterngear assembly

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  • Cutlass Bearing

    Cutlass Bearing

    Blazer Marine stocks a large variety of sizes of brass shell and phenolic cutlass bearings with class and type approvals.

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  • PSS Shaft Seals

    Tides Marine Sure Seal

    Blazer Marine is your go-to distributor for PSS Shaft Seals in the region

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  • Tides Marine Sure Seal

    Tides Marine Sure Seal

    Blazer Marine is the distributor for all Tides Marine products

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  • Yanmar Engine and Parts

    Yanmar Engine and Parts

    Blazer Marine is an authorized sub-dealer and service partner for Yanmar Marine

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  • Sidepower Sleipner Thruster& Fins

    Sidepower Sleipner Thruster& Fins

    Blazer Marine is the UAE dealer for World Leading Thruster Systems from Side-Power!

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  • Gearbox


    Blazer Marine supplies and services Marine gearboxes from ZF and Twin Disc.

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  • Halyard Exhaust Systems

    Halyard exhaust systems

    Discover Excellence with Blazer Marine: Your Trusted Source for Halyard Marine Exhaust Systems in the UAE

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  • Steering System

    Steering System

    Steering System - Inboard & Out Board Motors

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  • Split Roller Bearing

    Split Roller Bearing

    Split roller bearings solve difficult alignment problems, minimizes downtime

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  • MASE Generators

    MASE Generators

    We are an authorised sub dealer for supply, installation and service of MASE generators

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  • Electrical and Mechanical Engine Controls

    Electrical and Mechanical Engine Controls

    Modern styling, various color/finish control head options, single or twin-engine versions.

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  • Propulsion


    Blazer Marine provides custom propulsion solutions by representing Poseidon Propulsion, ZF Faster Propulsion and France Helices Surface Drive Systems.

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  • Exhaust System & Silencers

    Exhaust System & Silencers

    Blazer Marine supplies a wide range of dry and wet silencers for use in marine crafts.

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  • Torsional Vibration Analysis and Marine Consultancy

    Torsional Vibration Analysis and Marine Consultancy

    Blazer Marine offers a wide variety of engineering services to the worldwide

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  • Pumps


    Blazer Marine is a supplier of all types of pumps including centrifugal pumps

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  • Underwater Lights, Wireless Yacht Controls (ASTEL Marine)

    Underwater Lights, Wireless Yacht Controls (ASTEL Marine)

    Blazer Marine is the authorized dealer for underwater lights and wireless yacht control from Astel marine.

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